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Garage door rollers in Danville, CA

Rails, Rollers, and Tract Alignment

Rail alignment and your rollers' condition are essential as it keeps your opener operating smoothly and extends its lifetime usage.

Liftmaster garage door opener

Garage Door Openers

We service all brands of door openers. For replacements, we recommend the LiftMaster brand.

Spring replacement in Danville, CA

Spring Replacement

Garage door spring replacement is our specialty. We carry, on our trucks, the best quality springs with the highest cycle life.

Garage door repair service in
Danville, CA, near you.

Hi, I'm Larry with NorCal. Let's talk about why it's so important to call an expert for your garage door repairs before you tinker with your garage door. Consider these points since you need your garage door up and running quickly.

It's hardly the time to take on a DIY project for trial and error, not only that you are putting your garage door and opener at risk for more damage, not to mention most door parts are not available at the store. Also, ordering the wrong parts or using lower quality parts will cost you more time and money in the long run.

It's also essential to consider the incredible weight of a garage door. It can cause a severe safety concern when attempting to fix a door off the track. The torsion springs are another dangerous task as they are under tremendous pressure. One slight malfunction during a repair can be life-threatening. Torsion spring accidents are known to cause death or dismemberment.

With all of those reasons in mind, you can see it pays to call an expert near you. I can fix your problem, usually within a few hours. I stand behind my repairs and guarantee to fix your garage door at a reasonable cost. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Why does my garage door start to go down but then go back up?
    The logic board does not receive the door sensors' proper instructions because something is blocking the sensor or the sensor is dirty.
    The sensor also gets loose from excessive door vibration or accidentally gets bumped and needs to be re-aligned.
    Finally, the opener's gears are warped, causing excessive vibration, which confuses the logic board.
  • How much does it cost to replace my springs?
    For two springs the total cost is $300.
  • Why do I need to replace both springs when only one is broken?
    Garage door Springs only have so many cycles meaning every time the door goes up, then down, that's one cycle. If one spring breaks, it's guaranteed the other will follow within a few months.

Read what people are saying about
NorCal Garage door Repair in Danville, CA

Review - 5 out of 5 stars
Date work performed: 9/14/2020
Reviewed by: Tammy Wright, Danville resident
Outstanding Customer Service! Called to get an estimate for garage door repair and had a great conversation with Larry, the repairman. He quoted me a price over the phone, which was nice and unexpected, so I had him come out for the repair.

The problem started when the Garage Door went down; it made a funny grinding noise and wouldn't go back up. Larry said the gears in my Chamberlain opener were stripped and needed replacing. This seemed to be a common problem with this opener brand.

I was happy the total cost, including tax, repairs, and everything was $200. Customer service is a huge part of why I used Larry and gave a five-star review.

Service Provided:
I replaced the door opener gears, re-aligned the door tracks, and cleaned the door sensor.

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